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      Welcome to the Wuxi Shun Sheng Industry Belt Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. website! | 中文版| FACEBOOK| Feedback| Contact
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      15 years of experience in manufacturi-
      ng industrial conveyor belt
      Professional and technical, marketing team to help
      you solve a variety of difficult problems conveyor

      Established in 2003, Shun Sheng, has developed more than 300 kinds of products, and has about 35,000 square meters of modern plant;
      Has a strong technical and marketing team, team members have more than 10 years of experience in a variety of products at solving difficult problems, provide you with complete protection.

      Long industrial chain, high yield, more preferential procurement channels
      Can effectively reduce procurement costs, help you save money

      Independent from working drawing, weaving, finished into the middle to cut sales, one-stop assembly line quality assurance, unit price advantage;
      The conveyor belt has five production lines, high yield, procurement cost advantage

      A number of certification qualifications,
      to export, fast communication
      Provide the original proof, customs list, certificate
      of origin

      We have ISO9001, SGS, FDA and other international quality certification;
      Own exports, service and communication more efficient, smooth.


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      Wuxi Shun Sheng Industry Belt Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

      Wuxi Shun Sheng Industry Belt Manufacturing Company, located in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, has achieved widespread fame in the domestic industry belt manufacturing industry. With the help of 200 employees, Shun Sheng has invented and produced over 300 types of product and has also built modern factories which have an area of approximately 35,000 square meter since the year 2003 when it was established . The quality of the industry belt made by our company...

      Asked Questions

      Conveyor belt deviation causes and treatment methods?
      (1) Check the roller and belt conveyor transverse centerline longitudinal centerline misalignment. If the misalignment exceeds 3mm, both sides should use idlers elongated mounting holes to adjust it...
      How to install the conveyor belt?
      Put on the belt take-up core rotating flexible shaft, and with a good roll cage, front pay attention to the shelves, do not cover plastic frame Anti direction...
      Tips corrugated sidewall belt?
      1. strictly prohibited for use with a different tape. 2. Transport material direction and material falling speed and direction and speed of the tape aligned with...
      Conveyor uncoupled Crack Cause?
      Conveyor belt joint are generally three ways, namely, mechanical joints, cold and hot glue joints curing joint. Conveyor belt joint strength is lower than the strength of their own band...
      What types of conveyor belt?
      Among the most common life of the conveyor belt, there are two. One is the ordinary conveyor belt, there is a conveyor belt that is heat-resistant...
      Conveyor how to adjust?
      General conveyor equipment in operation when using current devices are often much higher than the rated current, such a result is likely to affect the life of the equipment, and electricity consumption will be great...

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